Email will be send out weekly to confirm location and time of matches.
All ladders are subject to change as result of weekly challenge matches and at the coaches’ discretion.
Page last updated: Tuesday 3/31/2019
Fee: $250 per season with complimentary team dry-fit shirt.

CURRENT SEASON: SPRING 2019 with Sectional Championships, if qualified.

Players listed on rosters are in random order (not in order of strength)

10U Orange Ball Teams

10U Orange Ball -Vapor

  • Shrisha
  • Freya
  • Divya
  • Pranav
  • Poorva

10U Orange Ball -Ballistic

  • Sourish
  • Manushree
  • Hanna
  • Vincent
  • Nitya



10U Green-ball Teams

10U Green Ball -Vapor

  • Rithvik
  • Prayag
  • Rishi
  • Anirudh R.
  • Vincent


12U Green-ball Teams

12U Green Ball -Vapor

  • Jeff
  • Evan
  • Maanav
  • Anirudh K.
  • Skyler
  • Nikita

12U Green Ball -Ballistic

  • Rithvik
  • Maanasi
  • Ayush
  • Sachin
  • Havish
  • Ryan K.

12U Green Ball -Cage

  • Jordan
  • Vihaan
  • Arnav
  • Mika
  • Ruan
  • Rhea

12U and 14U Yellow-ball Team Program

Our 12U yellow ball teams have experienced great success in the past at local leagues, sectionals and even winning the 1st place sectional championships.  However, the busy league season proved to be difficult for our competitive players as it takes time away from their individual tournaments.  Starting the Spring season of 2018, we will no longer be offering any Yellow-ball team.  For serious yellow-ball players, please see our coaches for guidance on USTA and ITF individual tournaments.

UP-COMING SEASON: SUMMER 2019 -with Sectional Championships (Tentative Rosters)

————-10U Orange & Green Teams————-

————-12U Green-ball Teams————-

14U Yellow ball Team (TBA)
  • Anuj
  • Vishnu
  • Nikita P
  • Sachin
  • Jeffrey
  • Kartik