USTA Junior Team Tennis is great way to introduce players to competitive tennis and also to keep them engaged with competition.  Players may start playing league at an early age as young as 7 and progress through our USTA league system. Our league program (10U and 12U) is designed specifically for competitive players development that goes hand in hand with the training we have at the academy. 

Since 2014, our Academy has won 28 consecutive Team Sectional Championship titles.

  • 10U Orange League
  • 10U Green League
  • 12U Green League
  • 12U-18U Yellow Ball League

There are 3 seasons in each calendar year, from March-May, June-August and September-November.  For the summer league (June to August), there will be no Championship event following the regular season. Many players will be in and out of town on vacation breaks, the summer league will be less competitive and we do allow more introductory matches for less experienced players.


During a busy league season such as Spring and Fall for us.  We have up to several teams competing on a weekly basis throughout the south bay area.  Our coaches consider the level of play and experience of each player when we form each team. Usually, we would like to have 2-3 more experienced players on each team while filling in the rest 2-3 position with newer players.  It is possible that we also could form a team consisting of mostly less experienced players.  This team will often be placed in a weaker league (group) to allow new players to gain some competing experience.  These players will then can join stronger teams in the future.


10U Orange and 10U Green

4 singles + 4 doubles matches. Top 4 players must play singles in the order of strength.
Each match is best to 4 games.  Team with the most games (not matches) won will win the entire match.

12U Green, 12U Yellow and 14U Yellow

4 singles + 4 doubles matches. Top 4 players must play singles in the order of strength.
Each match is best to 6 games.  Team with the most games (not matches) won will win the entire match.

A league consist of at least 5-6 teams or more.  Each team will get to face all other teams in the league.  In the South Bay, there are many leagues taking place at the same time in the same age group as well as other age groups.  Match plays usually take place on each Sunday afternoon from 12pm, 2pm or 4pm. Each team meet lasts around 2-2.5 hours.  There are many leagues taking place in other areas, such as Marin County, East Bay, San Francisco, etc…

By the end of each season, qualified teams will advance to Sectional Championships.  At Sectionals, many top teams from all over the Bay Area will come together and compete for this top prize.  More information is available below.


Usually, we will have 2-3 stronger players to support 2-3 less experienced players on each team.  The top 4 strongest players will get to play singles and they will team up with weaker players to also play doubles. 

Throughout the league season, players may challenge each other to gain higher position on their team and therefore to compete at higher position.  However, when a top player who might beats everyone of his/her teammates during challenge matches but struggled to produce results for the team may be moved to lower position -at our coaches’ discretion.

It happens quite often that we might have a team consisting of many players who at the same level.  In this case, each week, our coaches will rotate the players so that everyone can get a chance to play singles and/or doubles.  Our coaches will make a determination on the roster each week to maximize our strength during competition -especially when facing a strong opponent.


At sectional event, if qualified, each team will compete in 3 different matches that might take place over 1 weekend. The league fees for each season will cover for all matches taking place during the season.  For sectional events, the USTA requires separate registration fee.

The USTA requires that all team rosters to be submitted before each sectional events.  Once submitted, our coaches can not alter or change the roster during the entire sectional championship.  For teams with players at the same level, we will hold challenge matches to confirm the roster before submitting to the USTA. 

For teams with a combination of strong and less-experienced players, there won’t be too much changes to the rosters.  For players who lack experience and competitiveness, our coaches might allow very limited number of matches during sectionals to ensure that stronger players could represent the teams more during stiff competitions.


Our league fee for the season is $250, including 5-7 team season matches. Almost always, we will qualify for sectional championships.  The USTA requires additional registration and fee for each of these events.  We will charge 1 group credit for players who participate in the season-end sectional championships.  If qualified, our players will compete at Sectional events without additional costs. At each event, our teams will compete against 2-3 other top teams for the title.

For Summer season, due to players’ traveling and vacation schedule, we will not charge a flat fee for the league season. Instead, we will keep track of the league plays and charge the group lesson package.


Our league program ties in with the competitive development of our players and one important aspect is team work and leadership.  Each player competes for the team as a whole and together we will win as a team.