Our Academy has been awarded in both 2015 and 2016: USTA Team Tennis Program of the Year.


With 38 sectional championships and Finals play-off wins including all Orange, Green and Yellow-ball division.  Our League program is more than just team tennis, each training and match play are all part of the overall Competitive Development Program. Players who complete our 10U-12U League program experience more success at individual tournaments, more consistent results and at a higher level.

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10U Orange-ball Team Program
Players are introduced to competitive tennis first through our 10U league program.  Stronger players may play 2 seasons in this league before moving forward; for less-experienced players, staying longer in the league will allow proper development of strokes and competitiveness.  Ideally, they should be playing at a higher position (top 3 singles) before advancing to the next level.

10U Green-ball Team Program
More advanced 10U players may start participating in 10U Greenball league, where they compete on full-size tennis courts.  Players may play once in this league before moving forward to the next level.  It is possible to play more than 1 season to ensure proper competitive development.


12U Green-ball Team Program
More experienced players will benefit from competing the 12U Green-ball program. This serves as a stepping stone to formal USTA individual Yellow-ball tournaments.
There are many of our league players who went on and earned high rankings in yellow ball division, including in the top 20s and 30s of their respective age group.

12U Team Competitive Program
Our Competitive yellow ball teams have experienced great success in the past at local leagues, at sectionals and even winning the 1st place sectional championships. League matches take place every weekend, it is a great way for serious players to stay competitive during time away from individual tournaments. League and individual tournaments should be part of a player’s development. It allows consistent match plays and helps players enhance their competitiveness in different environments.

14U Yellow-ball Team
Similarly to our 12U Yellow ball team, this is a great way for players to get consistent competition each week, in addition to playing individual tournaments.

How to join our Current League

USTA Northern California Zonals, Inter-sectional and National Teams

High level tournaments held in each summer in all parts of the US.  Top players in each USTA sections will be selected based on ranking and age group to represent USTA NorCal at these tournaments. Coach Tom led the USTA norcal 16s Zonals to its 1st place finish in close to 10 years. Coach Daniel has also coached the 12s Zonals team for USTA in 2019.