Sherlaine started Tennis at the age of 8.  While still playing for her middle school tennis team in 7th grade, she advanced quickly and started practicing with the High School Team at Wilcox HS in Santa Clara, CA.  Once in High School, she made Varsity in her freshman year and climbed to the top spot in her Junior and Senior Year as well as earning the MVP award in those 2 years.  She won the SCVALS in doubles and earned a spot in CCS season end championship. 

Following High School Tennis, Sherlaine continued to participate in USTA Adult tennis at the 4.0 level while earning her degree at San Francisco State University.  Her passion for Tennis led to many coaching opportunities in the South Bay area and in early 2021, coach Sherlaine joined NorCal Tennis Academy as part of the 10U-12U coaching team.  She enjoys spending time on court with younger players and seeking to enhance their development at our academy.