Private Lessons

-Private lessons require advance cancellation notice at least 5pm or earlier on the day prior to the day of the lesson. Failure to do so will result in full payment of the lesson.

Group & Clinic

-Students are required to sign up for lesson packages to participate in group classes. Minimum of 10 sessions each package for once per week player or 20 sessions if playing at least twice each week.  Each lesson package is good for 120 days from the date of purchase.

-In special circumstances, drop-in rate of $10 more per each session will be applied, such as for students who can not commit to the entire 10 session package or for not being able to complete the previously purchased package. Plus $25 processing fee.

-We do not allow drop-in students, unless it is their first time trying out the group session.

-$60 non-refundable one-time registration fee is due prior to start of enrollment.

-Each group practice is set for certain time and counts as 1 credit.  Players may stay longer when possible, depending on the length of additional time stayed, it will count in half-credit increments.  For example, if a 1.5hr group is for 1 credit, if player stays for 3hr, it will count as 2 credits.  If player stays for 1.5hr + 1hr more, it will count as 1.5 credits.

-If class results only one student/instructor, 30min private lesson will take place in lieu for the group session.

League and Sectional Championships

-A flat rate will cover the cost of 1 league season which includes many matches. This fee will also cover any additional matches taken place at sectional championships -if qualified.

-If qualified for sectionals, we will charge 1 group credit (from the group lesson package) for players who will participate in this event.  In addition to the league registration, the USTA requires separate paid registration for all players who play at sectional championships.

-Each team will limit to only 6 players, except for the summer season when there are many players being away from town.  Large roster on each team will ensure that team will meet the minimum number of players for each match play.

-Our coaches will make sure each player has a chance to compete through each league season, some players might end up playing more than others, largely because of skill level and especially at important team events where scores are critical for team to advance forward.

-For more details, visit LEAGUE STRUCTURE

Missed sessions & Cancellation

-No refund for Lesson packages, players have up to 120 days to use up all paid lessons in the package.

-Lesson packages allow students to skip classes and rained-out without losing class credits. Website will be updated to cancel practice on days with bad weather.

-If class has already gone on for more than 30 minutes, rain interruption will not result in any make up session and that particular session will be considered a complete session.

-Private lessons require advance cancellation notice at least 5pm or earlier on the day prior to the day of the lesson. Failure to do so will result in full payment of the lesson.

Racquets & Apparel and Stringing

-NO refund or exchange for racquets, apparels and stringing.

-Stringing service is guaranteed for 48 hours, stringing must break at usual location on string bed or shows signs of distress due to stringing mistakes. Normal wears and tears due to playing regarding of time frame does not qualify for replacement. All warranty replacements are subjected to inspection.

-Synthetic String will be used for Guarantee Replacement Stringing Service.