Players may join anytime to train at our academy:

  1. Complete Registration form
  2. Complete the Covid-19 Waiver Form
  3. Sign up for tryout via Paypal or call us to provide credit card info. (Tryout is not required if players want to enroll directly)
  4. Call us or we can call you to get your credit card information if you’d like to enroll on lesson packages. 

For more info, see Enrollment Policies

1. ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM (required for all players) 

This form is required for all players for tryout or for full enrollment.  If you have already filled out this form before, you do NOT need to do that again.  Simply, scroll to the bottom of the page and skip to Step 2 for Covid-waiver form (if needed), or skip to Step 3 to sign up for Try-out session via paypal. 

To enroll in our academy after 1 tryout lesson, please call our office 408-896-5745 and provide your credit card info.  Players will need to register for lesson packages to continue.  

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    I am aware that pictures and videos of myself, my child(ren) and other players might be taken during their practices and could be used on NorCal Athletics, LLC.’s media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and others. I also understand that NorCal Athletics, LLC. cannot revert the publication of previously used images/videos, and that NorCal Athletics, LLC. cannot control unauthorized uses of those Images by persons not associated with NorCal Athletics, LLC. once such Images/Videos have been published. I have the option to request NorCal Athletics, LLC. to exclude my child(ren) and/or myself from such pictures and/or videos going forward from the time I make my request. This registration will also subscribe my email address to the Newsletter, which I have the option to Unsubscribe later.

    To ensure your child’s (children’s) safety, I will have him/her picked up on time after class ends.

    $60 class-registration fee is required for new players. All lesson packages are good for 120 days from the date of sign-up. For complete program information and policies, please visit: Enrollment Policies

    I understand and acknowledge the risks of injury that are inherent with physical activities, and I hereby waive and release any rights and/or claims for damages against NorCal Athletics, LLC., its dba: NorCal Tennis Academy, its staff members, tennis professionals, sport clubs, schools, coaches, training facilities and its respective representatives for any loss of property and any personal injuries sustained by me or by my child(ren) in connection to any participation of the programs offered by NorCal Athletics, LLC.

    I acknowledge that my child (or children) and myself are capable of utilizing the services and facilities of NorCal Athletics, LLC.

    In case of an emergency, I authorized NorCal Athletics, LLC.’s Staff to call 911 for help and to contact the emergency information provided above immediately.

    I acknowledge that I have read this waiver of liability carefully and I have understood its meaning completely. I have also reviewed and understood NorCal Tennis Academy's enrollment policy and I am aware that the policy is subject to change without notice. My signature below indicates my complete understanding and acceptance of all policies and terms set forth by NorCal Athletics, LLC. and NorCal Tennis Academy.

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    We often respond to email request and registration within 48 hours. Be sure to check your junk-box if you don't hear back from us for more than 3 days after sending in your submission.

    Today’s date: 3rd March 2021

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