Players may join anytime to train at our academy:

  2. Complete the COVID-19 WAIVER 
  3. Sign up for tryout via Paypal or call us to provide credit card info. (Tryout is not required if players want to enroll directly)
  4. Call us or we can call you to get your credit card information if you’d like to enroll on lesson packages. 

For more info, see Enrollment Policies

1. ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM (required for all players) 

This form is required for all players for tryout or for full enrollment.  If you have already filled out this form before, you do NOT need to do that again.  Simply, scroll to the bottom of the page and skip to Step 2 for Covid-waiver form (if needed), or skip to Step 3 to sign up for Try-out session via paypal. 

If you do not see a Registration form right below here, please try a different browser or try on your mobile devices. Thank you.   



Today’s date: 3rd August 2021

Be sure to click the Submit button above before moving to Step 2
Step 2: Covid-19 Waiver Form