Complete Player Development Program 

Our academy offers training for all levels: 10U Tennis, 12U-18U Competitive Juniors, College Tennis and Professional Tour.  For successful development, we cover 3 areas of training, of course it will base on the current level of play and experience of such players. 


  • Stroke Technique
  • Movement Technique
  • Defending Technique
  • Attacking Technique 


  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Speed

Competitiveness (Tactical and Mental) 

  • Competing style
  • Problem solving
  • Patterns of play
  • Improvisation
  • Play to win
  • Handling focus and pressure
  • Playing against better opponents

From 10U -> Junior Tennis -> College -> Pro Tennis 

10U & 12U Tennis 

We place high emphasis in our 10U program as it will lay the important foundation for the future development. At early stages, players often go through stroke and movement training to form strong fundamentals.  Players with more experience will be asked to join our Competitive teams as well as to play tournaments. 

Competitive Juniors

12U to 18U is the heart of Junior Tennis. By the age of 12-13, players should have a clear idea of how they take on Tennis, competitive or recreational.

For less serious players who seek to still compete in their School teams and lower level tournaments, our academy offers weekly training and USTA team tennis to enhance their competitiveness.

For competitive players, they will undergo intense training several times each week in addition to competing in high level junior tournaments.  Many of these players share a common goal: College Tennis.

Picture of Gaby competing for Division 1 Tennis on scholarship at Saint Mary’s, California.

College Tennis 

Competitive junior players will get more serious with their Tennis around the age of in hope of landing a scholarship offer from a good University.  Even at a College level, there is quite a spread in level differences, from D1 to D3 and NAIA programs. We put a great deal of effort and experience in prepare our junior players for College Tennis if they wish to compete while pursuing higher education.

Players continue to train in College, some are looking to add more wins for their teams, while a selected few are looking to improve further beyond college.  They look to play professional tennis during the Summer time or after their graduation.

Professional Tennis 

Although not many made it to the top, but this is the pinnacle of Tennis.  Our coaches often travel with professional players to help them at tournaments.  It is always a treat when professional players swing by our academy to train and our junior players get a chance to join in with them.

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