For Junior players, our program consists of 4 different levels: Beginner, Development, Competitive and High Performance. We have multiple training locations, make sure to double check with us to ensure the right location and schedule for your player.  Players may join anytime to train at our academy and to be placed in the right group or private lessons if desired, there is no set time period of camps or lessons

-Beginner and Development: For players with limited or no experience, they might have some prior lessons but lack of fundamentals and competitive training.
-Competitive: For players 10yrs or older with more developed tennis skills and with experience with team tennis and tournaments.  Players should have at least 1-3 years of prior experience.
-High Performance:  For players with extensive tennis training, who might have earned high ranking in their section or nationally.

-Private Lesson: Available for more individual attention at all levels and the lesson can be catered to a player’s special needs.
-Tour Pro Training: Training available for tour adult or junior players, offered by our ATP and ITF tour coaches, including practice and drill, traveling coach, strength and conditioning, etc.


New players may do one session tryout before committing to a full package.  Tryout is only optional, players may purchase package lesson and enroll immediately.  REGISTER and Schedule Tryout


We have training all 7 days each week, weekday afternoons and weekend mornings. Competitive team matches take place on Sunday afternoon.  Private lessons can be scheduled individually with our coaches.

All players are required to be on lesson packages to train at our academy.  Lesson packages could be of 10, 20 or 30-credit depending on the frequency of training. Players who are on lesson packages may attend training at any of our locations, as long as they come to the group of their appropriate level.  Only when a player shows up to training, we will charge their group package as long as all lesson credits are used within 120 days from the date of package sign up.  For more info, see Enrollment Policies

There are 2 different rates for group packages, $35/credit or $50/credit. Discounts may be applied for players who attend multiple times each week in more extended training sessions.

  • 1-hour group = 1 credit ($35/credit)
  • 1.5-hour group = 1 credit ($50/credit)
  • 2.5-hour weekday group = 1.5 credits ($50/credit)
  • 2.5-hour Sunday group and semi-private = 2 credits ($50/credit)
  • 1.5-hour group + 1.5-hour Semi-private = 3 credits ($50/credit)

For private training and lesson, please contact us directly.



Weekday Program
-Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @RST

-Tuesday and Friday @AGCC

  • Beginner and Development 4-5pm
  • Development extended 4-5:30
  • Competitive 5-6:30pm
  • Competitive extended 4-6:30pm
  • High Performance 6:30-8pm (semi-private)

Saturday @Steinbeck MS.

  • Beginner and Development 11-12pm
  • Development Plus 10:30-12pm
  • Competitive 9-10:30
  • Competitive and High Performance 9-12:00pm


Wednesday & Friday

  • Beginner and Development 4-5pm
  • Development Plus 4-5:30pm
  • Competitive 4-6:00pm



  • Beginner and Development 10-11pm
  • Competitive 11-12:30
  • Competitive Plus and High Performance 10-12:30pm


Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • Beginner and Development 5:30-6:30pm
  • Competitive 5-6:30pm