Registration and Try-out 

How do we get started?
The fastest way is to complete the Registration process. It is required for all players,  Players may do a tryout lesson before enrolling in package lessons.  

Is tryout required?
No, it is not.  Players may enroll on packages right away. 

What is a Try-out lesson?
For evaluation, we would like players to attend a full lesson.  These are our weekly sessions that take place on a regular basis, players who has a tryout will be placed into one of these lessons.  Our coaches will discuss with players/parents after the tryout to suggest an appropriate program/groups.    

When will a new session start, when can we enroll?
Our academy runs year-round training programs. Players can start anytime and will be placed into the appropriate level.

What lesson should I start with?
Most beginner players started out with group lessons, beginner players who are serious may start with private lessons.  Private lessons will help players to advance faster.  For more experienced players, both group and private/semi-private training should be considered together to be more productive. 

Which tryout lesson should I sign up for?
For GROUPS:  a 11U player with limited experience or no experience, select option 1 when on tryout sign up page. Option 2 for 12-15U players with some competitive experience.  Option 3 and 4 will be for players with extensive experience.  Players may sign up for private lesson tryout as well.  

Not to worry, after registration form is received, our coaches will review the player’s tennis background and get back to you to set up a tryout payment/time/day and location. 

What day/time is best for tryout?
Depends on players’ experience, after completing the registration and tryout payment  we will confirm with you on the best day/time to come out for try-out.  Typically, weekday tryout will start at 4, 5 or 6:30pm depending on the players’ level. Weekend will be 9am, 10:30am or 12pm.  

Fee structure and Lesson Packages

How much is for each lesson?
We offer many different training programs based on level of experience and player’s age.  The prices will vary greatly.  Once our coaches determine the player’s level, we can best recommend the program and therefore the prices. 

Can we pay as we drop in for training?
We allow 1 time tryout for the fee of 1 lesson.  After that, all players are required to be on lesson packages by providing us with your credit card information.

How does lesson package work?
Each package can be used at any of our locations, players should check with our coaches to find out schedule for the appropriate levels.  For players who plays once per week, each lesson package is good for 90 days from the date of purchase, make sure to complete all paid lessons within 90 days or the package will reset to Zero balance.  Unused lessons will not be able to carry over after 90 days. 

For players who play twice or more per week and for packages that are shared between 2 siblings, 10-lesson package is good for 45 days (not 90).  After 45 days, any un-used credits will not be able to carry over.

How do I schedule make up lessons?
The lesson package is good for 90 days (or 45 days for shared package or for those play more than once per week), if your players miss on some days, simply come to other days that are available for your players’ level. 

Academy Training Programs

What levels and programs do you offer?
Our academy offers training for all levels, from beginner to tournament, High school team Prep. and even college & professional players.

Do you offer Camps?
Full day camp or half day camp will involve other activities such as swimming, games, soccer, etc.  If players are training seriously and intensely, they should not last for more than 2-3 hours -depending on age and experience.  We only focus on serious Tennis training, beginners should start in 1 hour session, more experienced players may go up to 3-hour session. 

What do you recommend for beginner players 10 years or younger?
For young beginner players, they can start out with group lessons or private lessons.  Most start out with groups.  Group lesson for this stage will be 1-hour long per day and players may play once, twice or as many days per week as they can -if given availability. 

Do you offer group classes for 4-5 year old players?
Quick answer is NO, we have had this group before but we do not offer it anymore.  Players are simply too young to stay focused in the group setting.  Our coaches spent more time trying to get the players organized instead of coaching them.  For this age, 30-minute private lesson is recommended. Our group training starts with players from the age of 6-7. 

USTA Team League and Tournaments 

Can my player join the USTA League Team?
Not all players who train at our academy will get to join our USTA team program, our coaches will select players to join our teams.  All will base on experience, level of plays and commitment. 

Is team practice different and group practice?
Our USTA team players practice throughout the week in our group sessions.  We do have a designated USTA team practice but it is not required that all players must join.  Players should practice in our group/private sessions as much as possible throughout each week. 

Can an outside player join the USTA League Team?
Players who do not train with our academy will not be able to join the team.  Our coaches will not be able to help and make adjustments for the players since they do not see them at practice. 

What is the fee for each USTA Team season?
Fee will vary based on length of league and season-end championships.  Each season should last about 1.5-2 months.