Players to join the 2020-2021 College Tennis Season

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Daniel Tevez

Congratulations to Daniel for earning a Tennis scholarship to Lewis-Clare State University; he has started his very first semester in January 2021.

Daniel’s sister _Gaby Tevez- who is 2 years his senior also trains at NorCal Tennis Academy. In 2019, she signed with St. Mary’s of California, a ranked Division 1 University.  Read more on Gaby

Mahak Jain

Headlining the college recruiting class of 2020, Mahak was in the top 30 ITF junior in the world followed by earning a WTA ranking of 580 before committing to Georgia Tech University on a full tennis scholarship. She has the 2nd highest rated UTR for the 2020 recruiting class, Georgia Tech is ranked #6 in the country in the Top division Women’s Tennis.