Much fun on our coaches’ retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico July 2015

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The tradition started in 2009 when NorCal Tennis Academy organized the first coaches’ trip, which took place in the sun-drenched Southern California including Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.  The tradition continues and now in its 6th year. Almost always, the retreat will place during summer time.  Some year, we even have a second retreat during winter time, just a couple-day visit to Lake Tahoe usually did the trick.  But for the summer time, our coaches enjoy some traveling and that’s when we plan for a  longer trip.

In 2012, we visited the beautiful tropical island of Oahu, Hawaii then Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2013 where our coaches had the chance to train on Sand&Turf tennis courts.  That was an great experience, let’s just say they all needed to work on their footwork big time.  In 2014, they revisited Southern California where they played tennis at more than 1000 feet above elevation, the ball traveled faster in lighter condition.

This year, during 4th of July 2015, they got a chance to sharpen their Spanish with close to a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was more than just a fun trip with eating and sunbathing on the beach.  It is a chance for our coaches to see tennis differently, how others train under different environments, how we learn to interact with one another and how a culture can have such positive influence on our outlook.


Hasta Luego!