AARON L. defines what “Getting Better” really means

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For 10U tennis, getting better can be very obvious, as the players are making better contact with the ball when hitting a stroke, or players are getting more consistent with their rallies.  At a higher level, when talking about competitive Tennis, getting better isn’t always about better strokes.  

At a higher level, when talking about competitive Tennis, “getting better” simply means competing better, having close matches with more experienced players and winning matches against those of the same level or slightly higher.  

UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) is perhaps the most accurate way to rate players’ level. It doesn’t rely on ranking points because ranking points can be inflated by players competing more but UTR rates players solely base on the scores of matches they played taking into account the level of such opponents. 

If a player is having great matches and even beats players above his level, not just once but multiple occasions, he/she is clearly getting better.  Below is a great example of this. 

Aaron came to us less than a year ago at UTR 6.5, after several months of training, Aaron enjoyed great results taking on players rated much higher and beating many of them.  Let his results speak for themselves, pay close attention to the UTR rating of his opponents.