Dunlop Sport America sponsors Gaby to its Squad.

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Gaby grew up playing tennis in central America.  Already achieving great success as a junior player, she competes for the Tennis Federation of her home country of El Salvador, where she ranks top in the girls 16 and top 2 in girls 18s.

In early Fall of 2016, Gaby joined NorCal Tennis Academy in pursuit High Performance training here in the states. Her goal is to compete for Top division College and maybe a shot at pro tennis following college tennis.  Her training paid off as her ranking climbed.  She started beating players to whom she has previously lost to.  In just a little over 6 months, she got into the top 30s Girls 16 in Northern California. 

Dunlop Sport America gracefully extends a great sponsorship to Gaby. Her weapon of choice is Dunlop Precision 98 strung with Black-widow string.  We are so thankful for Dunlop Sport America for recognizing and supporting our hard working players.  Congrats! Gaby and go NorCal!