All players are required to sign up for lesson packages at our Academy.  There is a $60 one-time registration fee for new players. Each lesson package is good for 120 days from the date of purchase.  Lesson packages are good at all of our locations and is not transferable from one player to another.  For group, players may miss practice randomly and will not lose their credits as long as all credits are used 120 days from the date of purchase.  Unused credits will not be able to carry over after 120 days.

For lesson packages, they work like a prepaid credit cards.  All credits will remain in their package until they are used within 120 days.  If players have some credits left and accidentally renew for another package -NOT to worry.  New credits will simply be added to existing package and this package will be extended for another 120 days.

For example:  Currently, if a player has 3 group credits left in his lesson package.  He/she renews another package for 20 credits.  He/she now simply has 23 credits going forward and the new package is good for the next 120 days.

Once the lesson package is complete, you’ll get an automatic email for renewal.  When players renew their lesson packages, no registration fee is required.

CREDIT CARD Payments for Lesson Packages
Players may leave their credit card info on file with us.  We’ll notify you by email when the next payment for renewal is due and its amount; we then will charge your credit card for that amount and your lesson package is now renewed. If you feel that there is a mistake made with your lesson package or its billing, simply let us know and we will resolve it immediately. Please keep in mind that there is a 3% fee added to your balance when using credit cards.  We also accept cash or check, which will not have the 3% added fee.Players may also pay with cash or check, but we will require all players to provide credit card information.

How to pay with credit card and to keep it on file:

1. Call us at 408-896-5745 to provide your credit card info.
2. We can charge your card once, and/or to keep it on file for future charges.

For security reasons, please do not email or text the complete credit card information to us.  We will take it over the phone and store it in our secured system.  Once stored, we ourselves can NOT even retrieve the complete information but can only charge it.

PAYPAL Payment for Try-out Lesson

-Beginner & Development: For players who are 11 or younger with limited or no experience.  They might have some prior training but lack of competitive training such as league or tournaments.
-Competitive: For players 10yrs or older with more developed tennis skills and with experience with team tennis and tournaments.  Players should have at least 2-3 years of prior experience.
-Competitive Plus: Extended training session for competitive players, up to 2.5 hours in each session.
-High Performance:  For players with extensive tennis training, who might have earned high ranking in their section or nationally. Tryout includes group practice, semi-private, point plays and tournament coaching.
-Private Lesson: Flexible option for players of all levels and the lesson can be catered to a player’s special needs.
Tryout is not required if players want to register and sign up for lesson packages directly.  To purchase lesson packages, please see instructions below.


Select your Group Try-out


Paypal payments are only for tryout lessons. Lesson packages must be paid by checks or credit card. If you prefer credit card payment, please call us directly and we can process it over the phone.  There is a 3% fee for all credit card transactions.