Artur practically spent most of his childhood on the tennis court biking himself to tennis after school and on the weekends.  He grew up playing Junior Team Tennis extensively that earned himself a #1 spot on the 18U team.  At the age of 18, Artur earned his professional certification from the Professional Tennis Registry, commonly known as the PTR.

Coach Artur continued to share the love for Tennis through the eye of a coach. Artur has worked with numerous programs and clubs, his extensive experience in JTT helped establish himself quickly in the San Jose – South bay area.  

Some of his experience includes: Director for Youth League and Afterschool Programs, Head Varsity coach For Presentation, Valley Christian and Presentation High School.  Head Coach -Junior program for various clubs in the San Jose area.  

In 2015, Coach Artur joined the coaching staff at NorCal Tennis Academy where he worked closely with the Junior Team Tennis program, such program accelerated to one of the best in the area earning NorCal Tennis Academy numerous awards from the USTA.  In 2017, he took the an offer to head the Junior program at Bay Club San Diego.  

Coach Artur can’t stay away from home for long and found himself back in the bay area a few years later.  He returned to NorCal Tennis Academy in 2021 and we are very happy to have him back, more experienced and more passionate than ever.   

Coaching Experience 

  • Head Coach JTT program for many clubs in the San Jose area
  • Head varsity coach for Wilcox, Presentation and Valley Christian HS 
  • Director of Youth League and Afterschool Tennis programs
  • Head Coach for Lifetime Tennis Cupertino